How to Experience Japanese Fine Dining “Omakase” without Going Out

Have you heard the phrase ‘omakase sushi’ before? Maybe you haven’t fully understood what it means. In the most literal sense, the phrase ‘omakase’ translates to ‘I’ll leave it up to you’ [from Japanese 'to entrust' (任せる, makaseru)]. The expression is used by customers at sushi restaurants to leave the selection to the chef, usually for seasonal specialties. In the basic sense, you pay your fee and let the chef decide what is best for your meal.

In Japan, the term was popularised in the 90’s, where due to the economic bubble, many average newcomers came to sushi restaurants (which had, up to this point been considered high end establishments) with not much knowledge about the ‘high culture’ of sushi, but still craving to have a taste of what was previously inaccessible to them. And thus, the culture of ‘omakase’ began.

There are many reasons to try omakase, among them being that with this system, if you’ve never eaten in a sushi restaurant, you are both saving face and opening yourself to potentially new culinary experiences you may have not tried otherwise. It is also incredibly time saving, especially if you happen to hate making decisions, whether dining alone or with family, friends, and/or co-workers. And finally, isn’t it just better to trust a professional opinion? These people know their products very well, they know what tastes best and what people would enjoy.

Due to the pandemic, many omakase establishments have been left to quietly wait and wither. However, there’s a solution to this problem: a way to enjoy the omakase method of sushi dining while still socially distance responsibly and keep yourself and others safe! That method is, of course, to order omakase online. You get the thrill of ordering omakase along with the splendid culinary that comes with it, while still being a responsible citizen.

But where can we order this online omakase? An online restaurant, Senjyu, just launched, and you can order mouthwatering omakase sushi straight from their website! More good news is, the price of Omakase at Senjyu Singapore is very reasonable. Hence, only at Senjyu you can try Omakase for less than S$100. At Senjyu, people can “Expect the Unexpected”, which is enjoying Omakase at home without paying too much!

There are three menus that you can choose: Shin for only S$48, Man for S$68, and the most satisfying Senjyu for S$88. Order your desired menu two days in advance. Senjyu payment process is hassle-free, too, you can pay by using various payment services. From PayNow, GrabPay, to MasterCard and Visa.

There are also sashimi and premium Bento which can be delivered at your doorstep! That is the way to spoil yourself by tasting the authentic Omakase in your own home.